Fwd: Re: NM fails to find access points

This is a resend since the last mail seems to be lost.

I can replicate this reliably by restarting the NM daemon. That always
leaves my AP off the list. I can also reliably find my AP again by using
"Create Net Wireless Network". When the new network fails to connect it
will always show my AP (and the rest of them) again. Sometimes it takes
a short while for it to appear, but it always does. Seems like a
scanning delay.

Stopping NM, removing the wireless kernel module, insmod it and starting
NM again also has the effect of making it find my AP again.

So this is pointing more towards a driver problem.  If you ever have to
rmmod/insmod and stuff starts magically working again, it is almost
always a driver issue.

One more question: does your AP almost always show with 'iwlist', but
usually never when doing the dbus-send to the supplicant?

You might also try to do an 'iwlist' and then right afterwards, poke the
supplicant with the dbus-send command and see if your AP is in the list.
If the iwconfig and the supplicant-reported APs are quite different,
then the supplicant is the problem.

If you can poke around a bit with these things, let me know what happens
so we can narrow down the issue further.

I can't get this to work anymore. Last time wpa_supplicant wasn't
started a bootup so I started it manually.

[root rr-laptop ~]# dbus-send --system
--dest=fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant --print-reply
Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "scanResults"
with signature "" on interface
"fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant.Interface" doesn't exist

I can't restart wpa_supplicant unless I stop NM first. And I still can
get the dbus command to work.

(a while later..)
Hmm... now it works again. I was rmmodding/insmodding the iwl4965 modul
with debug and other paramaters and stopping/starting NM while this

iwlist scan and the supplicant list match pretty good. Having the same
number of APs after a iwlist scan.

iwlist doesn't always show my AP an neither does supplicant. But they
seem to agree on showing the same APs. The list of AP also goes from 3
to 14 found and anything in between.
The scans have no effect on what is show in the applet.

When the bug is in effect the number of found APs is 4-8 and my AP isn't
found by NM or supplicant.

Hope this helps

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