Re: does current svn version networkmanager support WPA (PEAP-MSCHAPV2)?

Ok, now I have understand. I just need to install wpa_supplicant and do the configuration in NetworkManager. Then NetworkManager will call wpa_supplicant to access the Wi-Fi.

So I did it and it could connect to the Wi-Fi. I tried to surf the Internet and it worked. I was so excited.

But there is a problem, I always got disconnected after the connection was established. And NetworkManager didn't try to reconnect automatically. And I found the only way I can reconnect was to click "Connect to other wireless network" and input the authenticating information again. It didn't work if I just select the network name I wanted. I am not sure why. I also found that on the network list, NetworkManager sometimes didn't display a WPA-enabled network as security enabled, without a shield icon.

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2008-03-06 at 10:40 -0500, Ryan Novosielski wrote:
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> wpa_supplicant does not require any configuration on Ubuntu though to
> work with NetworkManager. The whole thing "just works." I realize that
> it doesn't work for you, but there should be no tweaking required, just
> entering the correct settings. You might see about running
> wpa_supplicant SEPARATELY to see if you can connect with it. If you can,
> that would be more information to use to debug NetworkManager.
> Incidentally, what sort of wireless card do you have? One requirement is
> that the card work properly with wireless extensions (-Dwext in
> wpa_supplicant).

Right; I'd suggest trying straight wpa_supplicant with -D wext to ensure
that it's not NetworkManager first.  If that reliably fails, then
there's something wrong with the driver, hardware, or the configuration
being used.


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