RE: ppp support naming

Title: Re: ppp support naming
De: networkmanager-list-bounces gnome org en nombre de Dan Williams
Enviado el: miÚ 05/03/2008 19:55
Para: Will Stephenson
CC: networkmanager-list gnome org
Asunto: Re: ppp support naming

>Just a quick point; _nothing_ should ever use or expose the 2G/3G/4G
names anywhere to the user.
It could be shown optionally, if the user marks the option.

>Where possible, we should display model and manufacturer strings in the
UI because people usually know they have a Nokia or an LG or a Samsung
phone.  They don't care if they have a Nokia CDMA phone or a Nokia GSM
phone.  It's a phone.

For me and more people, this is important. It is not the same use a GSM phone than a HDPA phone, that can upload and download quicklier (broadband phone or broadband mobile modem, as Huawaei E220).
Now, when I have to buy a new mobile phone I wouldn┤t buy one older than HSPA .

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