Re: ppp support

Yeah I understand this, I mean something like this:

class PPP(Model):

class PPPoE(PPP):

class PPPDaemon(Controller):
         def start(self, model):

class PPPoE(PPPDaemon):
         def start(self, model):
              super(PPPDaemon, self).start(model)

But nm-ppp-manager implementation now lacks subclassing. For example
create_pppd_cmd_line() should be virtual. Please take a look at my
realization, and say where I'm wrong? I was witting it like widgets so
all the property are inside object at the service side, so they could
be simply pushed via dict/hash. Models are generated  automatically
from the classes. Client should use them as a hit, while service
should always verify. One more thing we can call serial device not by
unix name but by the HAL udi.


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