Re: setEnvironmentVariable DBus method for wpasupplicant

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 02:29 +0900, David Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> For implementing PKCS#11 support in the network manager gnome applet
> using gnome keyring as the backing store, it's necessary to tell
> wpasupplicant the environment variable of GNOME_KEYRING_SOCKET before
> loading the gnome keyring PKCS#11 library. This socket will be protected
> to the local user, but since wpasupplicant must run as root, it should
> be able to access it and indeed it must.
> This issue is currently being discussed in network manager's bugzilla at
> .
> Attached is a patch to add a DBus interface to set environment variables
> in wpasupplicant. I hope this is an acceptable compromise. In the long
> term, a better interface from keyring might be made available and then
> any necessary changes to wpasupplicant could be made at that time, but
> for now this is a rather trivial addition that would primarily be useful
> for working with the current implementation.

I think the real fix for this is to get Gnome Keyring using D-Bus, not
sockets.  That needs to be done anyway.  This sort of call in the
supplicant seems really ugly to me.


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