Re: setEnvironmentVariable DBus method for wpasupplicant

David Smith wrote:
> I've sent patches to opensc to allow for specifying init args to
> C_Initialize in libp11 and the openssl pkcs11 engine. We can then make
> use of that in wpasupplicant and provide a configuration parameter for
> pkcs11 init args and add that as an optional argument to the existing
> setSmartcardModules dbus interface. So nm-applet could check if it was
> using gnome-keyring, get the socket path from dbus and send it to
> wpasupplicant for pkcs11 init. Does that seem like a good solution to
> everyone, as long as OpenSC accepts the init args patches? Setting aside
> the fact that it still doesn't work on gnome-keyring's side because
> wpasupplicant would not be running as the same user as the keyring
> daemon... And I don't like that nm-applet has to have special code for
> keyring's pkcs11 implementation, but I think that's unavoidable.

I added the pReserved initialization method to gnome-keyring trunk.
Specify a string with the format of:



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