Re: System Setting - Wireless - WPA - and Fedora 9

Thanks for the reply Dan.
> On Sat, 2008-07-12 at 00:54 +0100, Simon Handy wrote:
>> Hi guys.
>> I just wanted to confirm, under the above conditions, wpa will not work
>> with either the keyfile plugin or ifcfg-fedora plugin.
> WPA should work with keyfile, but certainly won't work with ifcfg files
> because Fedora never has supported WPA setups in ifcfg files...
>> With the keyfile plugin I get...
>> NetworkManager: <WARN>  get_secrets_cb(): Couldn't get connection
>> secrets: nm-settings.c.307 - Missing implementation for
>> ConnectionSettings::get_secrets..
> Hmm, could be that the encryption key didnt work the first time.  We
> really should implement get_secrets() for keyfile though.  That's the
> problem here.
> Dan
At your insistence that keyfile should work :-) I persevered and finally
got it working.
My problem was simply the setting of the psk value.
I originally set up my keyfile by hand weeks ago and left the psk key
value blank as per
However, I got to thinking where the heck does it get the secret right? d'uh!
I fiddled round with nm-connection-editor which I could never get to work
or save system connection settings...
UNTIL I realised I had an authorisation missing in policykit (never toyed
with this before). After setting myself up to be able to modify
system-settings for NM I was able to enter and save the psk (and the rest
of the keyfile settings) through nm-connection-editor.
Looking at the keyfile after this, there are some differences from how I'd
manually set it up (e.g. the missing "name" key from each object) but the
hash of the psk is there AND IT WORKS.

Your thought above about implementing get_secrets() for keyfile I'm
guessing is about bringing up a dialog for a user to enter the secret,
which coulda helped :-).
Thanks again for your help

>> messages the message logs.
>> With the ifcfg-fedora plugin I get...
>> nm-system-settings:    ifcfg-fedora:
>> parsing /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 ...
>> nm-system-settings:    ifcfg-fedora:     error: Invalid IP4 prefix '0'
>> Can anyone confirm that these don't work yet, or is there a suspicion
>> I'm doing something wrong?
>> Thanks.
>> Simon.
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