Re: NetworkManager + WEP + static IP--no worky? (how to get 'Edit Connections' working?)

This seemed to help!

Now after I do -- "Connect to New Wireless Network"   and enter in SSID and WEP stuff and NM fails to connect because of now DHCP....

I get a small 'arrow' to right of SSID list when you L-click on network manager...  The resulting pop-up menu has the connection(s) that I manually entered.   I can select those, and NM seems
to obey the config I saved.

I had to attempt to connect once to the target SSID - before the SSID would appear (and the little arrow)  in my NM-applet list.     I suspect this is because my target network has a hidden SSID
-- it would be cool if connections are available -- perhaps under the "Create New..." option....

After connecting and reconnecting & nm-applet considering things OK -- i got bars and a connect confirmation  -- I had no significant network connectivity (i.e. couldn't browse internet etc) .

catting /etc/resolv.conf and reviewing settings with ifconfig/iwconfig/route  all my settings seemed OK. 

After some random tinkering and connecting and reconnecting -- I finally got gmail to load and a few other pages....but ...things are very patchy...Internet connectivity fades in and out....

Still trouble shooting this....could be not related to NM....(however I had scripted connecting to this network via a ksh script (after turning off NM) under Fedora 8 -- and it generally worked well)

...any further help would be great....

(after a reboot...and a few reconnects....and some idle period in my connection seems much better .... so things seemed to be working OK!).

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 7:39 PM, drago01 <drago01 gmail com> wrote:
try adding the BSSID to the connection in the editor (you should find
it in the iwlist scan output)

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