Automatic Bind configuration with VPN

Hi All,

first of all let me thank you  all for your great work in NetworkManager.

i am  evaluating NetworkManager and finds that there is no bind configuration of wlan,wwan with Vpn in NetworkManager0.7.

i want Ability to associate a VPN with a WiFi SSID, WWAN profile, such
that when we get a connection to that SSID (or to the WWAN), the VPN
connection is brought up automatically.

Let me elaborate in details.

For example i am connected to one Wifi SSID and created a vpn connection for that Particular wifi SSID and if i am switching to another wifi or WAN Profile and created another Vpn with that Wifi SSID. then if i am switching back to previous Wifi associated VPN should be started Automatically and same case for 2nd connection.So there could be multiple connections.

Please suggest where i can put checks in code to make this working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
sanjeev sharma

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