NetworkManager tries to connect to WPA-PSK/CCMP access point as if it were unencrypted


I've seen problem recently on a Fedora 7 laptop using NetworkManager
to connect to a wireless access point (NETGEAR WPN824v2, firmware
V2.0.10_1.2.17).  From /var/log/messages (attached gzipped), it
appears that when the activation initially fails, NetworkManager is
somehow treating the access point as if it were unencrypted.  If I then
use the gnome NetworkManager applet to 'Connect to Other Wireless
Network' specifying the appropriate keying information, it tries again,
using the correct key info (as far as I can see from /var/log/messages),
but fails anyhow.

In order to get network manager to associate, I have to:

- stop the NetworkManager[Dispatcher] services
- wipe out the .gconf information for the 'quibble' wireless network
--recursive-unset /system/networking/wireless/networks/quibble

- restart NetworkManager[Dispatcher]
- Click the 'quibble' network in the gnome 

At that point, NetworkManager properly associates (after asking
me the access point & keyring keys).

On the next reboot I frequently need to repeat the process
even though the info stored in


looks good to my inexpert eye.

I'm using the ipw3945-1.2.0-18.4.fc7 driver from atrpms.
I'm running the kernel,
wpa_supplicant-0.5.7-4.fc7, hal-0.5.9-8.fc7.

- Dan

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