NetworkManager and SwitchUser

Using NM 0.7 on Fedora 8 under gnome.  If usera connects via NM, and locks
the screen, then userb selects "SwitchUser", then there is
no NM icon on the panel.  To get it back, userb has to log out, then usera
has to logout.  Then userb gets the NM icon back.  Apparently, only one
user can use NM at a time.

On EL5, I was using Wicd.  That kept a global list of WEP/WPA keys which
any user could edit.  It would auto-connect to a preferred WAP at boot
time without requiring anyone to log in.  It is a pain in NM for *every*
user to have to reenter all the wireless keys.  Having to provide a
keyring password makes this even worse.

Would it make sense to have a "global" wireless list that is shared by all users - in addition to the private key lists? If you don't add any shared keys, you have the same situation as NM now. If you don't add any private
keys, you have the same as Wicd now.  If you provide both, you can have
all users auto-connect to the public and home WAPs, but the uber-secret
company access key can remain private.

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