Re: Does the head version really need libnt1-pre8?

Daniel Armyr wrote:
> Hi.
> I have recently switched my home-lan to an all-ipv6 network and realize
> that NetworkManager is quite limited when it comes to IPv6 networks and
> would like to make it better. Unfortunately, the head version in the
> CVS requires libnl1-pre8. I run Ubuntu gutsy, and for me to upgrade

I guess you mean SVN trunk.

> beyond libnl1-pre6 requires me to upgrade to libnl-1.1 which requires a
> new libc6 and that pretty much means upgrade the entire system.

I guess you mean by that, that you want to pull the pre-compiled libnl
1.1 package from hardy.

If you already recompile NetworkManager, you can just as well recompile
libnl 1.1 for your gutsy system.

> So is there a real reason for this requirement, or was it just chosen
> at random because it seemed to work?

Yes, libnl >= 1.0-pre8 is required.

svn log -r$(svn blame | grep libnl | cut -f3 -d' ')


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