Does the head version really need libnt1-pre8?

I have recently switched my home-lan to an all-ipv6 network and realize
that NetworkManager is quite limited when it comes to IPv6 networks and
would like to make it better. Unfortunately, the head version in the
CVS requires libnl1-pre8. I run Ubuntu gutsy, and for me to upgrade
beyond libnl1-pre6 requires me to upgrade to libnl-1.1 which requires a
new libc6 and that pretty much means upgrade the entire system.

So is there a real reason for this requirement, or was it just chosen
at random because it seemed to work?

Or does anyone have a working .deb of libnl1-pre8? I tried compiling
one myself but there is something wrong with some of my headers so it
didn't compile. 

Daniel Armyr

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