Re: New features in the 0.6 branch

On Feb 12, 2008 4:06 PM, Michael Biebl <biebl debian org> wrote:
> I'm running 3307 from NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_0_RELEASE and
> 521 from network-manager-applet-0-6 now. I haven't experienced a crash
> since then. Yay!
> >> nm-applet now also shwows the "Enable wireless network" in the context
> >> menu greyed out, so I'm no longer able to disable wireless independently
> >> from the global enable network option.
> >
> > That's odd...  what's your killswitch state, and were there any messages
> > in the logs about killswitch stuff?
> Hm, I can't reproduce that anymore myself. So it's probably not worth
> for further investigation.

I fixed a crasher bug I introduced with my 802.1x wired auth patch on
2008-02-05, that's probably what you were seeing.


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