Re: [PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system

On Monday 11 February 2008 17:27:53 Dan Williams wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 17:26 +0100, Will Stephenson wrote:
> > On Friday 08 February 2008, Dan Williams said:
> > > So a simple patch to dbus-binding-tool to make it ignore namespaced
> > > nodes and attributes will allow us to use the TP namespace within the
> > > existing introspection XML files and avoid the extra step of spec/*.
> > 
> > Ack, maybe it does so already - but is the extra spec/* step really worse 
> > having all of downstream have to use a patched dbus-binding-tool?
> The patch for dbus-glib is the right thing to do anyway; and I don't
> think there's a really good reason to have the extra step either.  If
> the fix does get into dbus-glib, we'd just have to rework the spec
> generation code again, so we might as well do it right the first time

I'm still not quite sure it's good to pass around extended introspection xml.  
Are you able to you check the python bindings' behaviour?  I'll see what the 
Qt tools do.

> > > If you're still willing to work on this, I'd love a patch that would run
> > > the XSLT stuff over the introspection/*.xml (feel free to add all.xml to
> > > introspection/* if you like) and generate the HTML docs.
> > 
> > > I don't think it would be to much work to modify the makefile stuff to
> > > rip out the bits that convert spec/* -> introspection/* and just
> > > preserve the bits that do introspection/* -> HTML, right?
> > 
> > It's trivial - will post a patch shortly.

Patch attached.

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