Re: [PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system

On Friday 08 February 2008 18:29:44 Will Stephenson wrote:
> I'm working on reading the code and adding documentation to it as I go now.  
> It's taking a while but I hope to have a patch in the next couple of days.

Here's the first reasonably complete generated html spec.  

* The function of the interfaces themselves are not described in any detail - 
just methods, properties, signals, and errors
* I haven't been through named-manager or system-settings dirs yet.
* The error interface names and places they are raised are best effort since I 
don't completely understand the way errors work with the glib bindings yet - 
corrections appreciated
* I'm not sure what the behaviour of PropertiesChanged signals are - do these 
include all props or only the changed ones?
* There are a number of FIXMEs scattered which are things for me to do or my 
observations about the API.


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