[PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system

Here's a patch that adds api documentation generation to the NM build system.  
The code is taken from the Telepathy project.

The system
* extends the DBUS introspection xml format with namespaced documentation 
* replaces introspection xml with this documented xml in spec/
* regenerates the introspection xml at build time, stripping away the api docu 
with XSLT
* generates HTML documentation from the spec/*.xml
* introduces a build time dependency on xsltproc, and if I adapt the tests, on 
* is moving towards being generalised - the AT-SPI project have adopted it too 
and are producing a RelaxNG schema for the dbus xml extensions.
* doesn't support builddir != srcdir yet.

I haven't actually added any api documentation yet.  I'm working on supporting 
NM 0.7 in KDE 4 and would do so as I grok 0.7.  The patch just replicates the 
status quo with the ability to add api docs.  The system can also add a make 
check target to assure the docu generation is working but I haven't 
adapted/copied that yet.  

Another question is, are you interested in async glib binding support?  The 
system can apparently generate separate async introspection xml but I haven't 
adapted that either yet as I'm not familiar with the glib bindings.

I've tested this locally.  Dan, Tambet: what do you think about integrating 
it?  It would make NM client developement much easier.


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