Re: nm-manager-client.xml vs nm-manager.xml

On Feb 11, 2008 6:10 AM, Will Stephenson <wstephenson kde org> wrote:
> What's the distinction between the two files in $SUBJECT?  I see that -client
> is the same as nm-manager.xml minus the legacy methods, but what is the
> background to this?  Is nm-manager.xml deprecated?  Should both files always
> be installed?

It's a workaround to support the basic dbus API from 0.6 branch. We
need to keep the most used methods so that things like status, sleep,
wake would still work with the upgrade to 0.7. So we got the old
sleep() and new Sleep(). dus-binding-tool (that generates C bindings
from the introspection file) produces the same C functions for "sleep"
and "Sleep" and thus won't compile anymore. In short, you can probably
ignore nm-manager-client.xml, it's only required for building


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