Stop nm-system-settings when NM is stopped

Hi guys,

since NM 0.7 has hit the Debian archive, I got several bug reports, where users
changed the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, restarted NetworkManager
(via /etc/init.d/network-manager restart), and wondered, why their changes were
not picked up.

The reason is, that nm-system-settings keeps running, when you restart the
NetworkManager daemon.

One obvious answer to this issue, is to monitor /etc/network/interfaces (and
/etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf for that matter) via inotify in the
nm-system-settings service.

Nonetheless, I think nm-system-settings should stop running, whenever
NetworkManager is stopped (just as it is started, whenever NM is started).

Now I'm wondering, what the best way is, to do that:
Should we just extend the init scripts and add a "killall nm-system-settings".
Or should nm-system-settings monitor NetworkManager (via D-Bus) and shut down as
soon as the org.freedesktop.NetworkManager goes away.

Thoughts, Opinions?

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