Re: vpn connection failure

On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 18:10 -0400, Eric Beversluis wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 17:40 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> > On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 17:27 -0400, Eric Beversluis wrote:
> > > I'm trying to get VPN to work on my Ubuntu 7.04 installation with
> > > NetworkManager Applet 0.6.4. I'm using the same IP address, user name
> > > and password that works on a vpn connection on my Windows box, but here
> > > I keep getting this error message:
> > > 
> > > "VPN Connection Failure
> > > Could not start VPN connection due to a connection error.
> > > VPN Connection failed."
> > > 
> > > I can't seem to find anything on the NetworkManager page or elsewhere
> > > that gives any instructions on configuring the VPN connection. Can
> > > anyone help with this? (PS--there is no firewall running on the box
> > > right now and still no connection.)
> > 
> > Which VPN plugin?  openvpn, vpnc, or pptp?  Also, if openvpn, what
> > version of openvpn are you using?
> > 
> > Dan
> I don't see anywhere in the config window where it tells me. I think I
> have a pptp plugin. On the connection page, the only connection type
> option is Windows pptp, which is what I want to use. Just today I tried
> the openvpn plugin (no idea which version). But the openvpn plugin
> didn't make any difference in the behavior or the config options.

Yeah, we should probably show what type of VPN the connection is for.
Can't blame you for not really knowing when the only time it'll tell you
is when you create it.

> I don't find anywhere on the NetworkManager help page that tells me
> anything about plugins, as I don't find anything that guides me through
> the various config possibilities that appear on the VPN config dialog.
> Am I missing a source of info somewhere?

So, if you grab /var/log/messages (on Fedora) or /var/log/daemon.log
(Debian + Ubuntu) or /var/log/NetworkManager.log (SuSE?) then there will
be some information in there around the time you try to connect:

Aug 15 09:33:19 localhost NetworkManager: <info>  Starting VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc'... 
Aug 15 09:33:19 localhost NetworkManager: <info>  VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc' started (org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc), PID 2476
Aug 15 09:33:19 localhost NetworkManager: <info>  VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc' just appeared, activating connections 

That will tell us what type it is so we can debug further.  You can just
search that log file for "Starting VPN service" and you'll get right


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