network manager issues

I seem to be having some issues with networkmanager.

I'm working off a laptop with both wired and wireless (ipw3945)
connections.  The wireless is setup and connected without any security
or anything - just a straight connection and the connection seems

I need to be able to connect to a vpn for work.  There are two vpn
solutions: cisco's vpnc and an openvpn connection.  In the past I've
had issues with the interaction between networkmanager and the openvpn
connection.  Mainly, the openvpn connection seems to keep getting
reset by networkmanager.

I figured that the approved networkmanger-openvpn plugin would help in
this regard, but for some reason network manager keeps thinking that I
have no active device.  So, the question is, how do I get my clearly
active device that's connected to the net seen under network manager?


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