Re: network manager issues

On 9/18/07, Jared Greenwald <greenwaldjared gmail com> wrote:
> I seem to be having some issues with networkmanager.
> I'm working off a laptop with both wired and wireless (ipw3945)
> connections.  The wireless is setup and connected without any security
> or anything - just a straight connection and the connection seems
> fine.
> I need to be able to connect to a vpn for work.  There are two vpn
> solutions: cisco's vpnc and an openvpn connection.  In the past I've
> had issues with the interaction between networkmanager and the openvpn
> connection.  Mainly, the openvpn connection seems to keep getting
> reset by networkmanager.
> I figured that the approved networkmanger-openvpn plugin would help in
> this regard, but for some reason network manager keeps thinking that I
> have no active device.  So, the question is, how do I get my clearly
> active device that's connected to the net seen under network manager?
> Thanks,
> Jared

It sounds like you are not using NetworkManager to connect to the
network so it does not know it is active, what distro is this?

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