Re: Note about device activation in current trunk...

Am Donnerstag, 13. September 2007 19:15:13 schrieb Dan Williams:
> Yeah, I know this is a problem at the moment, because it's unlikely NM
> has gotten the configuration info for the connection yet.  This is what
> I'm fixing today; I believe the issue needs to be solved in NM itself to
> keep the APIs and interface behavior simple for clients like knm and
> nm-applet.

Agreed ;)

> NM internally will always request the connection details when a new
> connection appears from the user settings daemon, so it's a matter of
> teaching the activation code to wait a bit before failing the
> activation, probably with a timer.  The Activate() interface was done
> with object paths because NM has to have the connection object path when
> it calls GetSecrets(), and its simpler in the client to have this all be
> in the same place rather than special casing new NMConnections that NM
> may/may not know about yet.  Assume that NM will do the right thing here
> and activate a connection you tell it about, that it may not yet have.


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