Re: NM 0.6.4 DBus Spec

On Thu, 13 Sep 2007 01:51:27 -0600
"Pat Sissons" <patricksissons gmail com> wrote:

> I'm currently writing a Ruby NM wrapper library that operates over the
> DBus.  The trouble is that I don't really have any concrete spec to
> build it with.  I have been using
> and
> along with dbus-send and dbus-monitor for debugging and testing.
> Although I have done quite a bit with these resources, I'm positive
> that a lot of the functionality is left to be implemented simply
> because I'm not aware of its existence, the signals being a prime
> example.  I have managed to extract a fair number of the NM interface
> signals from the NM source, but I know there is much much more.  I
> have found absolutely no documentation on the NMI interface.
> Anyways, if anyone knows of or can produce a clean spec for 0.6.4 (and
> any future versions that don't include introspection) that would be
> great, if not, any pointers on a more efficient way of deciphering the
> spec would be great too.
> Thanks.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but from what I've heard just browsing this list, NetworkManager's documentation is lacking everywhere, or is very difficult to find. If there is no real documentation, a Wiki of some kind could be set up for NM, so that knowledge could be added as it is mentioned here in this list.

Then again, I'm always screaming "Wiki fixes that!"... :)


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