NM 0.6.4 DBus Spec

I'm currently writing a Ruby NM wrapper library that operates over the
DBus.  The trouble is that I don't really have any concrete spec to
build it with.  I have been using
along with dbus-send and dbus-monitor for debugging and testing.
Although I have done quite a bit with these resources, I'm positive
that a lot of the functionality is left to be implemented simply
because I'm not aware of its existence, the signals being a prime
example.  I have managed to extract a fair number of the NM interface
signals from the NM source, but I know there is much much more.  I
have found absolutely no documentation on the NMI interface.

Anyways, if anyone knows of or can produce a clean spec for 0.6.4 (and
any future versions that don't include introspection) that would be
great, if not, any pointers on a more efficient way of deciphering the
spec would be great too.



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