Re: wpa & v6.4?

Whew, while since I've played with this stuff!

Answer: disable orinoco/hermes driver for prism cards and allow hostap
driver instead.

In /etc/modprobe.conf do:
blacklist orinoco
blacklist orinoco_cs
blacklist hermes

(May be only one of those is needed.)


On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 19:38 +1200, Morgan Read wrote:
> Hi Folks
> I've been using NM for a while now.  Some time back I noticed I was able
> to access wpa options in NM.  But, now that I need to, they don't seem
> to be there.
> Can anyone confirm that NM 6.4 supports WPA-PSK TKIP, and why I might
> not be able to see the options?
> I'm using fc5, I know I should upgrade to f7 but it's not practical at
> the moment.
> Many thanks.
> Morgan.
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