iwl3945 fails to associate to open, non-broadcast network

Running fedora 7 with kernel-, trying to
connect to a non-broadcasting open network using iwl3945.
I see this in dmesg:

eth1: Initial auth_alg=0
eth1: authenticate with AP 00:0e:d7:91:94:70
eth1: RX authentication from 00:0e:d7:91:94:70 (alg=0 transaction=2 status=0)
eth1: authenticated
eth1: associate with AP 00:0e:d7:91:94:70
eth1: RX AssocResp from 00:0e:d7:91:94:70 (capab=0x0 status=45552 aid=0)
eth1: AP denied association (code=45552)
eth1: associate with AP 00:0e:d7:91:94:70
eth1: RX deauthentication from 00:0e:d7:91:94:70 (reason=2)
eth1: deauthenticated

what is status code 45552?  google says nothing about it.
I can try downgrading to an older kernel to test.
This happens both with and without NM so it's probably a driver
bug but I was hoping that the greater NM community might know.



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