Re: ppp using NM

On Nov 29, 2007 1:47 AM, Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
> I'll be more than happy writing the GPRS bits of it.


> Is there any
> Bluetooth related code in the code you're writing?

No, the current code only handles communications with serial devices
like opening, closing, configuring, sending (AT) commands, waiting for
any/certain replies, etc. It also implements a GSM (while currently
called UmtsDevice, we're looking for a better name for it) device that
is implemented on top of serial device and handles the specific AT
commands required to establish a connection.

Although I have no idea how bluetooth devices work, I assume there's
some magic that needs to happen and as a result there will be a serial
device that takes AT commands? If so, then bluetooth (NM) device could
be just a subclass of the current GSM device, do it's magic in the
initialization phase and let the GSM device take care of everything

> I'm thinking specifically of the ppp-manager having a special casing for
> devices that look like Bluetooth addresses, and having it create rfcomm
> devices as appropriate (as pppd still doesn't have any native Bluetooth
> support).

The way things currently work is that we call pppd only after the
serial connection is already established. Can this be done with
bluetooth devices as well?


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