Re: NM looses connection and/or doesn't use dhcp

Again, I am NOT using NetworkManager to set any static IPs. I disable it before I set any static IPs so there is no reason for it to be using them. But it is getting them somewhere and thinking that they are correct. Let me ask you this: If 0.6.x doesn't support static IPs then WHY IS IT SETTING THEM? Makes no sense to me. It should be using DHCP. Is there a cache somewhere of settings? Only thing I can think of is that I left the static ips set one time that I re-enabled NetworkManager and it picked them up.

Dan Williams wrote:

Interaction with static IPs isn't really supported with 0.6.x well; NM
is supposed to flush the addresses on the interface when it brings the
connection up.  It may be that your distro has implemented a backend
that tells NM to pull static IP settings from other distro config bits
(/etc/interfaces, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* for example).
In that case, NM will use the static IP specified for that interface.
With 0.6.x, either you use static IP for the interface _all_ the time,
or you use DHCP all the time.  0.6.x and earlier weren't really
targetted at the static IP use-case.  But 0.7 made good static IP
support an explicit goal and it'll be a lot better there.


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