Re: NM looses connection and/or doesn't use dhcp

On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 00:01 -0700, Xamindar wrote:
> Man, no one knows?  This is a reall big problem and should be fixed.  Am 
> I using an older version od NetworkManager and this has already been 
> fixed then?
> Xamindar wrote:
> > I have started to have some problems with networkmanager lately.  I am 
> > running version 0.6.5_p20070823.
> > 
> > First thing:  when I come home from work where I was connected using a 
> > static IP (at work I stop NM, set the static IP, then on reboot the PC 
> > goes back to it's dhcp settings) for some odd reason NM keeps setting my 
> > work IP and doesn't renew the IP for my home network.  This is a recent 
> > occurrence and I can't figure out why it started doing it.

Interaction with static IPs isn't really supported with 0.6.x well; NM
is supposed to flush the addresses on the interface when it brings the
connection up.  It may be that your distro has implemented a backend
that tells NM to pull static IP settings from other distro config bits
(/etc/interfaces, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* for example).
In that case, NM will use the static IP specified for that interface.
With 0.6.x, either you use static IP for the interface _all_ the time,
or you use DHCP all the time.  0.6.x and earlier weren't really
targetted at the static IP use-case.  But 0.7 made good static IP
support an explicit goal and it'll be a lot better there.


> > Secondly, at random times I will loose my connection.  The IP is still 
> > there but I think NM messes up the default route info.  Restarting NM 
> > fixes it or simply setting the default route manually does it.  Why is 
> > it doing this?
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