Re: NM looses connection and/or doesn't use dhcp

Man, no one knows? This is a reall big problem and should be fixed. Am I using an older version od NetworkManager and this has already been fixed then?

Xamindar wrote:
I have started to have some problems with networkmanager lately. I am running version 0.6.5_p20070823.

First thing: when I come home from work where I was connected using a static IP (at work I stop NM, set the static IP, then on reboot the PC goes back to it's dhcp settings) for some odd reason NM keeps setting my work IP and doesn't renew the IP for my home network. This is a recent occurrence and I can't figure out why it started doing it.

Secondly, at random times I will loose my connection. The IP is still there but I think NM messes up the default route info. Restarting NM fixes it or simply setting the default route manually does it. Why is it doing this?

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