Re: Patch to correct a little wording mistake

Peter Clifton a écrit :
> On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 16:30 +0100, Milan wrote:
>>> applet-dbus-devices.c.diff for 0.6.5) change the sentence to "The
>>> network connection has been interrupted.", which is the same as the
>> old
>>> but with correct syntax.
> What do you mean "with correct syntax?"

Maybe to be more precise, it would be a semantic mistake, grammar in its
stict sense is still correct here.

>From my previous report on Bugzilla:

When the network is disconnected, a notification appears, saying:
"The network connection has been disconnected."

This is one of the sentences you show most often on your desktop, and it is
quite grammatically incorrect. *You can't disconnect a connexion, you disconnect
a cable; I'd rather say you stop/interrupt/bring down a connexion. This is like
saying "prices are expensive" or "speed is fast": just ridiculous... ;-)*

Moreover, the title of the pop-up is "Disconnected", so the term appears twice.

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