Re: Patch to correct a little wording mistake

Isn't there any developer that could correct this before 0.7 is
released? SO far, I have only got a positive answer, but no developer at
It would really be a shame to have this syntax mistake when all those
new features are available. Thanks in advance!

My previous message for reference:
Milan a écrit :
> Hi all!
> I reported quite a long time ago bug 414197: "Bad formulation in
> notification string at disconnection".
> (
> It is about the sentence "The network connection has been disconnected."
> that appears in a tooltip and is grammatically a nonsense. ;-) Not a big
> deal, but easy to change to make GNOME look more "professionnal".
> As I see you don't have time to deal with those stupid details, I made
> some patches to correct that. There are 4: 2 for each
> networkmanager-applet series (0.6.5 and 0.7), and with two flavours (you
> may think of others, I guess).
> - The first patches (applet.c.diff for 0.7 and
> applet-dbus-devices.c.diff for 0.6.5) change the sentence to "The
> network connection has been interrupted.", which is the same as the old
> but with correct syntax.
> - The second patches (*-2.diff) change it to "The network connection is
> down."
> Hope this can help, I just can't bear your great work be spoiled by a
> little expression that pops up on my Desktop. Thanks for NM!
> Milan
> PS: Could you put me in CC, since I'm not subscribed to the list?

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