Re: Wireless DHCP overwrites DNS settings

On 10/31/07, Jason Martens <me jasonmartens com> wrote:
> I'm still having the problem where my DNS settings are overwritten by
> the wireless connection, even though I am still connected to the VPN.
> Attached is the syslog output.  Note, I'm on Ubuntu Gutsy now, but I had
> the same problem on Debian Lenny about 2 weeks ago.
> Jason

As Sourav pointed out setting your nameservers via the NetworkSettings
tab will be overwritten by NM since the applications are not aware of
each other.   If you want to hardcode a DNS server you should do it in

I /think/ what you want to add is:
prepend domain-name-servers X.X.X.X;

If you edit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf you will see some examples in the
config file that you can just uncomment and modify.

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