Re: Trying to find Network Manager Applet on Gnome!

Giovanni Lovato wrote:
Pat Suwalski wrote:
Hi Bruce,

bruce wrote:
I have FC5, running gnome, and NetworkManager. The Network apps have been
installed, and verified as being on the laptop. The processes (ps -aux |
grep Net) shows the Network Manager process as running. Also, nn-applet is

If nm-applet is indeed running, it might just not have a spot to be displayed. Please make certain your panel has a "Notification Area" widget.

You can add one by right-clicking the panel, "Add to Panel...", and choosing "Notification Area".

I am in the same situation, but on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy).
I have the notification area enabled, NetworkManager and nm-applet running but no applet icon.
If I kill nm-applet and start it from terminal, I get:

** (nm-applet:30866): WARNING **: <WARNING> nma_dbus_init (): nma_dbus_init() could not acquire its service. dbus_bus_acquire_service() says: 'Connection ":1.25" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security policies in the configuration file'

My dbus version is 1.0.2, NM 0.6.4.
Any ideas?

The latest updates solved that issue, I don't know what was causing it but now the applet icon is shown again.

giovanni lovato aldu net

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