Re: blocking bug for laptop users ( rfkill on dell laptop )

> NM will automatically monitor the status of the
> rfkill keys (via HAL) and enable/disable the device automatically.
> There shouldn't be a need for external scripts of any kind.

Ok, so (my hotkey only sends ACPI events) when my script disables the radio through the file /sys/network/eth1/device/rf_kill, NM will automatically notice the change AND will update the APPLET too, purging the wireless list and removing the check near "enable wireless". Or should I use HAL in my script instead of directly changing the file?

IMPORTANT: note that it is not enough to call the function "manager_set_wireless_enabled(NMManager *manager, gboolean enabled)" in nm-manager.c because the applet is not notified at all, so the applet itself might be the one who checks hal and then executes the disable wireless command through dbus

> Interesting; that should also be handled by HAL at the highest level if
> needed.  It's intimately tied into rfkill, and therefore should be
> handled by the same code/framework (ie, not NM) that actually handles
> the rfkill key events.

All right. I think this would be a very simple implementation, though I don't know it has been considered yet...

Another question: what should my system have to support rfkill through hal? I have now hal version 0.5.9-2ubuntu1, but lshal does not show anything about rfkill

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