how to get network manager to use a different interface


I am using an rt61 PCMIA wireless card in my Asus laptop, which has an
ipw2100 built in card.

Network manager works very well with the ipw2100, which comes up as
eth1. However I want to be able to use the rt61 card which is faster. I
can get it working manually (using the usual ifconfig ra0 up, iwconfig
ra0 essid XXXXX etc). 

However I would love to get the rt61 working with network manager.

Is there a file I can edit to change the interface from eth1 to ra0 ?

I am running Ubuntu 6.10, and the NM version is 0.6.3.

Any help appreciated.

Pete Phillips, Acting Director,     |
Surgical Materials Testing Lab,     |
Princess of Wales Hospital, S Wales |
Tel/Fax: +44 1656-752820/30         |   pete smtl co uk

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