Re: blocking bug for laptop users

yes, you are right, but thie bug is about the applet that does not update itself when there is that dbus command.

this means that network-manager changes its status the applet does not recognize this, this is the problem I was pointing at

if an application exposes a dbus command, everyone can use it (for instance inside a bash script), and every piece of the application must be synced with oters:
it does not make sense that if in the network manager daemon wireless is disabled, in the applet we see it enabled, but not working (because the daemon has it disabled)...

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Oggetto: Re: blocking bug for laptop users

On Tue, 2007-05-22 at 20:03 +0000, yelo_3 wrote:
> it is blocking because people using a hotkey to switch of/off
> wireless, will see a different status in the applet:
> - the hotkey toggles wireless using the dbus method setWirelessEnabled
> - the applet does not update itself, so the user who disables
> wireless, will see in the applet that wireless is enabled, and the
> exact list of wireless network that were active before he had hit the
> hotkey

That's not the right way to do it, especially as some "hotkeys" act
directly on the hardware. The correct way to do it is:
- have HAL do get/set on the hardware (either using custom APIs for each
models, like already implemented for Dells, or the generic kernel rfkill
- Make NetworkManager handle the get/set from the hardware

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 

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