Re: different icons if internet is available

I wouldn't mind a different icon for "I hear wifi networks".  I.e., when
I'm not connected but NM hears wifi, it could show a different icon than
when I'm disconnected and it DOESN'T hear wifi.  THAT would be useful
to me.


Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

Captive portals for Wifi also make this really, really hard.  I'm not
necessarily opposed to it, but I feel like it's something that shouldn't
be in NM itself, but in a plugin of some sort so people can use it if
they want to.

The problem with this sort of check is that it makes various people
really angry.  It makes admins angry, because it's essentially (to them)
useless traffic, and what happens when you have 100 machines with NM on
them with this enabled?  It makes some users angry because NM is
generating useless (to them) traffic because they already know.  It's
also a really hard problem to determine if you actually _are_ on the
internet due to captive portals, firewalls, NATs, etc.  So in the end,
it shouldn't be on by default.


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