Re: different icons if internet is available

Maybe http connect would be the most complete choice between the 3 you gave
But I'm still wondering how this is implemented in windows..

if you can be http connected with you are quite sure you can at least http connect to the most internet sites (unless your firewall/proxy is configured to let you connect only to this, so it might be a solution to not only check, but other sites too - maybe your distribution site), except filtered hosts.
Again, I suppose that if and are reachable this means that your admin has not blocked the access to most web pages... What do you think?

No solution for p2p or IM in my mind, suggestions accepted.

Anyway my ISP is blocking MAIL and hily limiting p2p flows, but this does not mean that I'm not connected to the internet, does it?
For sure your ISP is censoring some web pages even if you don't know, but you are on internet too!

The definition of "being on internet" is definitely not easy... 
But it is possible to make suppositions. This is my opinion

What is yours?

Thank you.

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yelo_3 wrote:
> I've implemented the most code, except the function that decides if internet is available or not.
> In fact I'm thinking of this problem.
> an isolated network access cannot of course reach the most internet locations
> we could discuss on this... for instance in might be:
> internet on if and are reachable
> otherwise internet off.
> Of course it is not a complete solution, it is only a try.

what do you mean by " is reachable" - is it, if you can
1) dns lookup
2) ICMP echo
3) http connect

so what if
1) there is a firewall or
2) a transparent proxy
in between and you get a positive answer for one of the above tests or only some
filtered hosts? The user would see "internet is on", but his IM, p2p, mail or
anything else doesn't work as suspected.

Yes, I'm also annoyed, that beeing connected through NM and cisco VPN my
gaim/pidgin thinks it can connect to its servers and shows error popups all the
But at the same time, I don't see a general-purpose solution for the problem.

Just my 2 ¢


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