Re: [ck] [ANNOUNCE] Staircase Deadline cpu scheduler version 0.46

FTR, I'm seeing this on 3 machines running 2.6.21-ck1.  NetworkManager tramples an already configured interface (manually, statically or dhcp'd) after a 99 second timeout.

On 5/4/07, jos poortvliet <jos mijnkamer nl> wrote:
Op Friday 04 May 2007, schreef Ash Milsted:
> Ok, some more info. My attempts to disable sched yield didn't shed much
> light on this business (using LD_PRELOAD technique) but I did find that
> running dbus-monitor (dumping system bus message info to the console)
> during the inter-daemon communication 'fixes' the problem. I guess
> that's consistent with this being a 'timing issue'.

Sure sounds like that. I guess you should try to gather some debug information
and report this to the developers.


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