Re: Network Manager only connects to unsecure networks

Please keep all replies on-list.
If wpa_supplicant isn't working and you believe you've configured it
properly, then your problem is out of the scope of this list (as it's
a wpa_supplicant problem, or a router problem, or an ndiswrapper
problem, but not a NetworkManager problem.)

- Patrick Bogen

On 5/15/07, Phix <phix nay gmail com> wrote:
It didn't seem to work with the supplicant either

On 5/15/07, Patrick Bogen <pdbogen gmail com> wrote:
> On 5/14/07, Phix <phix nay gmail com> wrote:
> > I've installed the ndiswrapper drivers for my WUSB54Gv1 (uses the
> > chipset) and activated it doing ifup wlan0. Now nm sees the available
> > wireless network, but it fails when connecting one with WPA. It connects
> > the same network easily with no encryption, which is what I'm doing. Why
> > that? How do I fix it?
> Please try manually configuring wpa_supplicant to see if the problem
> is with NM, or with wpa_supplicant.
> --
> - Patrick Bogen

- Patrick Bogen

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