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I'm a little confused about the behavior of NM in this instance...
perhaps this is related to knetworkmanager -- I suppose there is a
separate list for that, but maybe you guys can help also...

I'm running Kubuntu 7.04 on two laptops. Mine autoconnects to something
when it starts up -- apparently the last thing it was connected to. My
girlfriend's laptop always requires manual intervention -- it sits there
with the [x] in the taskbar until she clicks on something, regardless of
what she'd been connected to before. Both are upgrades from 6.10, and
both are running NM 0.6.4 from the repository.

The only real difference is that mine has a native ipw3945 and hers is
running ndiswrapper for a TI acx111 PCMCIA card (Linksys card).
Incidentally, with Kubuntu 7.04, not sure what changed, but this card
can now show signal strength, whereas with the previous release of the
distro, it seemed that ndiswrapper cards always showed 100/100.

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