Extend NetworkManager to do even more configuration stuff

Hi all!

I'am Armin aka apriori and member of the developer team of yoper linux. 
Currently we're very interested to take configuration of networking one step 
It's time to change networking configuration in linux in a way so that not 
about 7 tools are needed to configure anything you want, e.g. dialup or vpns.

In our opinion it might be interesting to improve NM in that way, so that it 
is able to modify permanent system settings about networking, e.g. configure 
static ip's, hostname, nameservers, a host list etc., all of that available 
via dbus of course, so that frontends like knetworkmanger can use them. 
As this would lead to extensive changes to the source of NetworkManager, we 
kindly ask you how strong the general interest of support of this 
functionality is and whether it's possible for the NM core team to implement 
that functionality in later versions of NM or whether we should go with a 
distro specific solution.

Best regards

Armin aka apriori

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