Re: nm-applet do not show my wireless

On 5/4/07, Alejandro Adam <aleadam gmail com> wrote:

I just installed linux (debian 4.0) on a dell inspiron 5100 laptop with
a broadcom 4306 rev 02 wireless chip. I have the bcm43xx module loaded
in the kernel, the firmware on /lib/firmware and everything working.
iwconfig sees it as eth2 and the connection is automatic at boot time.
In fact, I'm using that wireless connection to write this message.
I can see the connection on the network monitor applet but not on the
nm-applet. It shows just a wired connection symbol with a red sign for
no connection. The network settings windows shows me that eth2 is
connected to a linksys open network using DHCP.
If I understood the nm-applet should show me not only the actual
connection but also the other available networks in range (something
useful for public places). It seems that nm-applet is not being able to
see some configuration that any other program is able to read. Could
anyone please point me to what that might be? I can provide outputs of
iwconfig, the /var/log/syslog or screenshots if necessary.



Can you post your /etc/interfaces?   I think that Debian has modified
NetworkManager to not manage any interfaces that have anything other
than AUTO.

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