Re: one time passwords

On 3/22/07, David Braun <braunster gmail com> wrote:

Network Manager doesn't handle one time passwords on VPN connections too
well. I'm not too familiar with the various VPNs but Cisco uses two
passwords, a "user" and a "group" password. In my case the user password
comes from a token card and is only good once. NM very nicely saves both in
the keyring. The problem is that it re-uses the user password when I start a
new session. This always fails. Is there any way to save only the group
password and not the user password?

BTW - what is the relationship between NetworkManager and

I am not sure who maintains the VPNC plugin but that is something that
should be changed in the plugin.  I think Jon Nettleton was reworking
the VPNC GUI, maybe that is something he can look at?

NetworkManagerDispatcher is a daemon that runs commands based on the
network state.  So you can place scripts there to run when an
interface goes up or down.  I try to keep a list of scripts posted
here so you can get an idea of how they work from these:

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