Re: Connecting to Open network after WPA Encrypted Not working

On 3/19/07, Matt Crocker <crocker matt gmail com> wrote:
Upon installation of the NetworkManager I was able to connect to a wide
open network. I was then able to connect to a WPA-PSK network. However,
when I attempt to go back and connect to the wide open network I am
unable to do so and the NetworkManager applet eventually defaults back
to the WPA-PSK network. My specs are below

Dist: FC6
Kernel: 2.6.20-1.2925.fc6
NetworkManager: 0.6.4

Output from /var/log/messages:

Any help would be appreciated,

Matt - rollingsr live com

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If the networks have the same name then NM is confusing the networks,
you can clear the "profile" as shown here:

If possible try to name the AP's differently, I think version 0.7 will
handle this situation a little better by keying off the BSSID (or
maybe it does this now...  it is late for me  ;-) ).

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