Re: Scannning

> There are essentially none, except that the 'iwlist scan' obviously
> starts a scan right away, and blocks waiting on the scan results, while
> NetworkManager schedules scans at various points in time because it's
> not a command-line tool that you explicitly invoke from a terminal.  But
> the internal process is pretty much the same.
> Dan

Ok so if there are no substantial differences:
1) why can't nm do the scan in the time between the user clicks and the menu is popped?
2) so if I do "while echo 0; do iwlist eth1 scan; done" it is a dos, so nm should not interest on dos...
3) if you really want to consider dos, you can trigger a N-secons timeout after the first scan
4) because the user will see results when he clicks on the applet, there is no advantage at all
       in doing scans when the applet is not used (and the user is already connected), unless
       you want to add a "new networks found" notify (but now there is no such feature)


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