nm-applet breakage/fixage

Hi all,

A quick note to introduce myself. I'm Michael Croes, I'm a Gentoo and Ubuntu user and currently working on a Gentoo ebuild overlay with some bleeding edge stuff. Besides doing this for others, there's some stuff I want to work for myself too, like NetworkManager.

I succesfully compiled NetworkManager revision 2467 and wrote an ebuild that works fine right now. Next problem was network-manager-applet. Now it seems there have been quite some changes in NetworkManager which caused some breakage in network-manager-applet, so it certainly won't compile with minor changes atm. I'd be very happy to (at least try to) fix the current network-manager-applet, but it would be nice if there's some description about the changes in NetworkManager to do so. Is there some place where this is documented in more detail than is done in the svn comments? Or is there someone that can explain the changes to me on irc/mail/msn or anything?


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