Re: NM and ipw3945 once again

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

Likely, yes.  Why _is_ the driver sending disconnect events?  Can
somebody figure out with plain wpa_supplicant what config options make
the driver _not_ send a disconnect event?  If you tell the card to do
something, and then it tries and tells you it can't do it, that's an

For the record I've noticed similar issues with Madwifi, so I don't
think it's SPECIFICALLY a driver bug (although I suppose it could be).
It seems to happen more often in a multi-AP (roaming) environment.
I periodically see an "ADDRCONF" link down and then link up message
in my logs, and NM tears down the connection and then rebuilds it.

My personal feeling is that these types of messages should just get
debounced; but I dont know where the debouncing should occur.

I'll also note that when I just use ifup directly (after I shutdown
NM) then I don't see these log messages and I don't have disconnect
events.  But obviously this only works with unsecured networks.  But
this certainly leads me to believe it's a problem in wpa_supplicant
and/or NM and NOT a driver bug.



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